Attenborough Campaigns

A boyhood dream come true, working with Sir David himself to launch his new shows on Sky!


Launched threee consecutive David Attenborough campaigns for Sky One and Sky 3D. I pitched concepts directly to Sir David and his production company, my extensive research and trusted approach led to a successful collaboration and series of shoots.

Conquest of the skies

A series all about the evolution of flight. I wrote and directed the promotional Material for Sir David

The on air campaign was supported with national OOH, the photographer was Erik Almas, we shot with a real life owl and falcon (unfortunately the dinosaurs weren't available)

Natural History Museum Alive

Directed a teaser to promote the show

The launch was supported with an extensive OOH campaign, which we actually shot late at night in the natural history museum

Proudly built in Framer

©2023 Canvas

Proudly built in Framer

©2023 Canvas