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The Challenge

Even exciting project starts with a significant challenge…in this case I was confronted with a new type of product that required a fresh perspective, whilst you might think 'home insurance YAWN' this really was a market that was crying out for a unique and innovative creative campaign


The choice of fairytales for this launch campaign was a strategic one. The Three bears and the Giant from 'Jack and the beanstalk' are not only iconic characters in their own right, they're also closely associated with being house proud and protective of their homes. The careful balance came in making the characters right for a modern protect and updating them to the resent day made the stories that much more relatable.


A high impact fairytale world in Westfield, with digtal games, tech demos and story time tales, was a big success with families and creating an immersive experience


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The campaign was in cinema, across all socials, digital & radio.

Since launch, we had a brilliant reaction across press with 300+ pieces of coverage and counting, along with lots of attention within the Marketing trades such as The Drum & Marketing Week.


The launch of Sky Protect demonstrates that there is a smarter approach to look after homes. This addition of home insurance complements Sky's ever expanding portfolio, which already includes TV, broadband, mobile and streaming services. The imaginative world created will continue to expand, with more films being released, along with loads more new stories coming to life in both digital and physical spaces.

117 TV ads delivered

6.6 million impressions

Bears on Holiday

Seasonal opportunities meant taking the fairytale characters on holiday

Giant unboxing

With so much to unbox we created a special direct mail that fit in the world of fairytale stories